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Hotel Address:

"Muhamet Gjollesha" Street, Md.38 H.1.
Njesia Bashkiake nr 7, PO 1023
Tirane Albania
Tel: +355 42 232 206
Mob: +355 67 2010 373

Email of Hotel Doro City: [email protected]
[email protected]


HOTEL DORO CITY "Muhamet Gjollesha" Street, Md.38 H.1.
Tel: +355 42 232 206
Mob:+355 67 2010 373
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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Privacy Policy

Based on the Albanian law no. 9887, date 10.03.2008 article 18 ''For Personal Data Protection'' please be informed that the data you provide are collected for registration and analysis proposes.

Types of Personal Information We Collect

The types of personal information that we collect include:

1.Your name, gender, home and work contact details, business title, date and place of birth, nationality, passport and credit card information.

2.Guest stay information, date of arrival and departure, goods and services purchased, special requests made, observations about your service preferences (including room, amenities requested, facilities or any other services used)

3.Telephone numbers dialed.

4.Any information necessary to fulfill special requests (e.g. preferences that require specific accommodations, purchase of goods and services)

5.Information you provide regarding your marketing preferences or in the course of participating in surveys, newsletter, contests or promotional offers;

All data are saved locally and in our database in high security measures and can be accessed only by authorized persons.

We may collect this information through a variety of ways, registration cards, online registration and also from third parties with whom we do business (e.g., such as travel agents, airlines, event planners or similar providers).

Occasionally, you may be requested to provide personal information about others to us (for example, individuals for whom you are making a reservation). In such cases, we rely on you to obtain such other persons' consent for disclosing their information to us which we will use in accordance with the terms of this Statement.

You may always choose what personal information (if any) you wish to provide to us. If you choose not to provide certain details, however, some of your transactions with us may be impacted.

How We Use Personal Information

We may use personal information in a variety of ways, including through personal contact, via our Websites, through emails and correspondence, We use personal information for the purposes we have disclosed to you, or as permitted by law. In general we use personal information in order to:

* Provide the services your request, such as to facilitate reservations, send a confirmation, send you a pre-arrival message and provide other information about the area and the hotel;

* Provide you with information about meeting, event or celebration planning and access to specific account information for administrative purposes;

* Send you periodic customer satisfaction, market research or quality assurance surveys;

* Ship products, information or provide services to our customers, including sending you lost and found goods (with your prior approval)

* Understand your and other customers´┐Ż needs;

* Learn about our markets and improve our products and services;

* Statistic reports

* Assist with the planning of meetings and events;

At any time you can request to access your data or any information related.

Politika e privatesise

Bazuar ne ligjin shqiptar nr. 9887, te dates 10.03.2008 neni 18 "PER MBROJTJEN E TE DHENAVE PERSONALE", ju bejme me dije se te dhenat qe jepni mblidhen per arsye regjistrimi dhe analizimi.

Llojet e te Dhenave Personale qe Mbledhim:

1.Emrin tuaj, gjinine, kontaktet e punes apo shtepise, emertimi i biznesit, data dhe vendi i lindjes, kombesia, te dhenat e pasaportes dhe kartes se kreditit;

2.Informacione lidhur me qendrimin e mysafireve, daten e mbrritjes dhe nisjes, te mirat dhe sherbimet e kerkuara, kerkesat e vecanta, vezhgime lidhur me preferencat tuaja per sherbimet (qe perfshijne dhomen, sherbimet lehtesuese te kerkuara, facilititetet apo ndonje sherbim tjeter te perdorur);

3.Numrat e telefonave te thirrur.

4.Cdo informacion tjeter te nevojshem per permbushjen e kerkesave te vecanta ( preference lidhur me akomodim te vecante, blerjen e te mirave apo sherbimeve);

5.Informacione qe jepni lidhur me preferencat tuaja te marketingut apo me pjesmarrjen neper sondazhe, buletine informative apo oferta promocionale;

Te gjitha te dhenat ruhen lokalisht si dhe ne databazen tone me masa te forta sigurie dhe jane te aksesueshme vetem nga personeli i autorizuar.

Ne mund t'i mbledhim keto te dhena nepermjet nje sere menyrash sic jane, kartat e regjistrimit, regjistrimet online si dhe nga palet e treta me te cilet bejme biznes (sic mund te jene psh. agjentet e udhetimeve, linjave ajrore, planifikuesit e eventeve apo te ngjashem).

Ne ndonje rast, ne mund t'ju kerkojme te na jepni te dhena personale per te tjere (per shembull, lidhur me persona per te cilet po beni nje rezervim). Ne keto raste, ne jua besojme juve detyren per te marre miratimin e ketyre personave te trete per leshimin e te dhenave te tyre, te dhena te cilat ne i perdorim ne perputhje me termat e ketij Statuti/Deklarate.

Ju mund te zgjidhni se cfare te dhenash personale (nese ka ndonje) deshironi te na jepni. Nese zgjidhni te mos jepni ndonje te dhene ne vecanti, kjo mund te ndikoje gjithsesi disa nga transaksionet tuaja me ne.

Si i Perdorim te dhenat tuaja personale

Ne mund te perdorim te dhenat tuaja personale ne nje sere menyrash, qe perfshijne kontaktet personalisht, nepermjet Websiteve tona, nepermjet e-maileve dhe korrespondences, ne i perdorim te dhenat tuaja personale per qellimet per te cilat kemi rene dakord me ju, apo per qellimet e lejuara nga ligji. Ne pergjithesi i perdorim te dhenat personale me qellim qe:

* T'ju ofrojme sherbimet e kerkuara, si per shembull per lehtesimin e rezervimeve, dergimin e konfirmimit, t'ju dergojme nje mesazh para mberritjes tuaj si dhe per t'ju dhene informacione te tjera lidhur me zonen dhe hotelin;

* T'ju informojme lidhur me takime, evente apo planifikime per festime si dhe aksesin ne llogari te vecanta informacioni per qellime administrative;

* T'ju dergojme broshura periodike lidhur me kenaqesine e klientit, kerkime tregu apo sondazhe lidhur sigurimin e cilesise;

* T'ju dergojme produkte, informacione apo t'i ofrojme sherbime klienteve tane, perfshire ketu dergimin e sendeve tuaja te humbura e te gjetura (pas miratimit tuaj paraprak);

* Te kuptojme nevojat tuaja dhe te klienteve te tjere;

* Te mesojme per tregjet tona dhe te permiresojme produktet dhe sherbimet tona;

* Raporte statistikore;

* Ndihmese per planifikimin e takimeve apo eventeve;

Ju mund te kerkoni kurdohere akses ne te dhenat tuaja apo ne cdo informacion lidhur me to.